Gold DofE: Westwood College

Dates and locations

Practice: 23rd – 25th May 2024

Location: Meeting point on 23rd May is Castleton main car park, S33 8WH at 9.30am. 

Your Course Director is Sam Smethurst and he will meet the groups along with our other instructor. Our team wear royal blue t-shirts/jackets and Sam’s number is below. Please only contact Sam on the day of the event if needed, he is a freelance instructor for us so only works on the days he is booked. Other enquiries in advance should be directed to Carmel or Mike (contact details below). 

As there will be no teachers from school present, a member of our team will be onsite overnight with pastoral care responsibility. They will be carrying a full list of participant consent information and emergency contact details. 

23rd May – camp at Pindale Farm, Hope

24th May – camp at Rowter Farm

25th May – finish point is Castleton car park – we expect around 3pm, but this could be slightly earlier depending on what time the groups decide to get up in the morning! We can send out an email in the morning to advise. 

Qualifying expedition: 2nd – 5th July 2024

Please meet at Edale main car park, S33 7ZQ at 9.30am. 

2nd July – camp at Upper Booth campsite

3rd July – camp at Rowlee Farm

4th July – camp at North Lees campsite

5th July – finish at Longshaw Estate, S11 7TZ


Practice & Qualifying expeditions

We will provide all group kit (which will be distributed on arrival) including;

  • Tents (3 person)
  • Trangia stoves and gas
  • First aid kits
  • Group shelter (per team)
  • Maps 
  • Satellite tracker (per team)
  • Washing up bowls

Participants must provide their own personal kit as outlined in our Expedition kit list here, but leave space in their rucksacks for some of the group kit. 

We do have a small supply of rucksacks, waterproofs and boots to borrow; please email carmel@wayahead-training in advance of the expedition with any requests. 



Participants will need to bring their own food with them to the practice and qualifying expeditions. They should plan in advance as a team to ensure they all contribute and share the purchase of food fairly. We will cover meal planning and meal ideas during the training days.

As a general guide, the teams will need a hot meal each evening, packed lunch each day and breakfast each morning (cooked or uncooked). We advise not cooking at lunchtimes as it takes up time and it is difficult to do washing up. It is a good idea to bring snacks as well, along with a 2 litre water bottle or aquapack. 

Students could also have a look at the DofE pages about food on expedition here for more advice:


Mobile phones/Contact with participants

Each team will need to carry an emergency mobile phone in case needed during the expeditions which should be switched off unless needed. All other phones should be turned off during the expedition phase, as is always the case on DofE expeditions, where a sense of self sufficiency on the part of the team is part of the experience. Our emergency/incident procedures will be run through on the first day with all participants, but a key point for parents/guardians to note is that our Supervisor and Assessor will be your main point of contact during the expedition if needed (note the numbers below). In an emergency/medical situation, it is standard practice for us to co-ordinate on the ground as quickly as possible with the team, and this response can be hampered by participants contacting parents direct. We need to keep the communication loop small to begin with when dealing with an incident to ensure a speedy response.

Our Assessor and Supervisor will carry with them all emergency contact details for parents so will be in touch with you as soon as possible in the event of an incident.

N.B. Our insurance does not cover personal items so any valuables that you bring with you should be covered under your own household insurance.

Behaviour/Personal conduct

We expect participants to behave in a sensible and mature manner whilst on expedition. They should be respectful of their surroundings, fellow team members and our staff. Inappropriate behaviour may lead to candidates being removed from the expedition. Strictly no alcohol or drugs on expeditions – participants will be removed from the expedition immediately if this occurs. 


Course Directors

Please only use these contact numbers during the actual events. In advance of the courses, please contact Carmel on or our main office number:  01298 404002. 

Practice expedition (23rd – 25th May): Sam Smethurst tel: 07894 880590

Qualifying expedition (2nd – 5th July): Mike Gray tel: 07980 984425

You can also use our main office number during the expedition if needed. 


Hopefully this answers most of your questions, but if you have any queries in the meantime, please feel free to email either:

Mike Gray on 


Carmel Gray on 

Thanks for your message.
We will be in touch shortly.