Wayahead Training holds the following accreditations:

DofE Approved Activity Provider (AAP)

this enables us to deliver the DofE Expedition section (all levels) and Residential section (Gold).

Activities Industry Mutual insurance

We are fully insured through Activities Industry Mutual.

Association of Heads of Outdoor Education Centres

Our Directors are members of AHOEC (Association of Heads of Outdoor Education Centres). This ensures we remain up to date with current best practice within the industry.

Safety policy statement

At Wayahead Training we believe in striking a balance between taking risks and the benefits of experiencing risk. Risk, and the management of risk is an inherent part of outdoor activities. A positive aspect of participation is exposing participants to that risk and educating them about it. We cannot eliminate it completely and nor do we want to.  

We believe that outdoor activities of all types are essential in enhancing the well-being of young people and for satisfying their inherent need to take risks. We all learn the most when stretched out of our comfort zones or when trying something new. 

We aim to ensure that all the activities we deliver help people to develop self-confidence, bonds of trust with others, the ability to experience risk in a managed environment and judge hazards for themselves. These are essential personal qualities that young people need as they are growing up in order to develop emotional resilience, and compliment the academic focus of education in the classroom.   

Participant general activity guidelines 

We ask that all participants booking onto a course with us should be aware of the following:

At the start of any sessions, you must inform your Instructor of any medication you are taking. If a minor needs to take prescription drugs, including inhalers, we must receive notice from an appropriate adult in writing. Please ensure you bring it with you and keep it accessible.

All participants booking onto a course with us must follow the instructions given by Wayahead Training staff during the course, and understand that our team have the right to take emergency action and to make related decisions in the case that such action is considered necessary. 

COVID-19: Participants will advise Wayahead Training and not attend the course, if within 10 days of the start of the course; they develop symptoms of Covid 19 and need to self-isolate, OR someone within their household tests positive OR they have been advised to self-isolate through Track and Trace. Participants must accept responsibility for maintaining the relevant behaviours (current at the time) in terms of minimising the risk of spreading the virus e.g. social distancing, hand hygiene. Updated guidelines will be published closer to the course start date, dependent on restrictions at the time. 

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